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ADOPTED!!!!  Raina is a Dutch Shepherd Mix.  She is timid at first meetings, but if you take her a ride in your vehicle, she will be your's forever.  Raina needs stability in her life.  Would do best with older children and no cats.  She is great with other dogs.  Raina is housetrained and does well in a wire crate, but would need a very secure fenced yard.  She would do OK in an apartment as long as she is given adequate exercise.  Would do well at a dog park.  Dutch Shepherds are a rare breed and not often seen in the US.  They are a working breed and are a Jack of all trades.  Used for herding, protection and law enforcement.  Make great agility dogs.

ADOPTED      Mayze is a Border Collie mix.  She is very friendly, good with kids and other dogs.  Very well mannered and loves to ride quietly in a vehicle.  She would make a great family pet.  Mayze is housetrained, current on vaccinations, spayed and micro-chiped

ADOPTED     Tramp is an Airdale Terrier mix.  He is very friendly, good with other dogs and kids.  Loves to walk, but hesitates getting in a vehicle.  Once you get him inside the car, he is fine.  He even goes to the local farm store for some extra socializing.  Loves to check out the food aisle and since he is a good "customer" always gets a treat on his way out the door. Tramp is neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations.  Complete the adoption application on this website if you are interested in adopting Tramp.  Adoption fee is $125 with approved application. 

Sky has been adopted and living on a farm in Southwest Iowa.  He is very happy to have a home where he can run and be a Husky!

Just wanted to check in and let you know everything was going great with Bo.  Actually, we did change his name.  We picked Atlas after a great deal of debate.  I can honestly say that we could not have asked for a better dog.  He is so good with our son Roeland and everyone else he meets both human or otherwise.  He's very smart, gentle and well behaved.  We have had only one accident in the house and other than that no issues.  We don't have a kennel and haven't had him locked up at night or any other time and dispite this fact he has waited until morning to go to the bathroom.  Very impressive.  He's been keeping very busy as well.  Playing frisbee golf, going to the kids story time (the kids loved him and visa versa), gardening, going on walks every day, hiking etc.  He went out to a farm with Hope and Roeland yesterday to get some grape vines and found a hound dog to play with.  He came home a slobbery mess and needed a bath which he took to very well.  Every day he comes back in the house tired.  He has also a good eater, has put on some weight and is looking very healthy.  Thanks again, we all really appreciate him.

Jan Black and her dog Ookie recently visited Mrs. Schuler's Tiger Time class to thank them for selling raffle tickets for the Wii System.  Over $700 was raised to help pay for expenses for the animal rescue

Ookie enjoying all the attention and a tummy rub.